Female sculpture "of true proportions"

This is a figurine of a true proportions. It has a clearly profiled round head with flat face. The face is not detailed, in the right part there is an indentation - an eye. The surface of the head is covered with regular rows of C-shaped signs. The chest is not expressed, the hands are folded on the stomach. The belly is slightly convex, movements along the belly line are chaotic. The pelvis is enlarged, the ischial bones are raised. Hips are sharply narrowed. Behind a sharp line running across the hips and separating the buttocks from the legs. The legs are separated from behind by a deep line.

Manufacturing technique

While making this item three tools were used: a cutting tool, a burin and a reamer. Traces of grinding and polishing are noticed. Forming the surface was made with a cutting tool and a burin. A cutting tool treated the indentation of the neck from the back, the space between the legs and the line under the knees. First, the vertical line separating the legs, then the transverse, highlighting the popliteal zone. A burin made such details as the back of the head (fur), eyes, bosom (slits). Traces of grinding-polishing - on the chest. Traces of a burin work are found on the hips, legs, and a back. Drilling is two-sided.

Use-wear traces

Use-wear traces are not found.

Storage location

The State Hermitage Museum

Inventory number



General parametrs of the item Head Body The lower part from thighs The lower part from thighs on the back Face part Womb Diametr of the hole
Длина 53.34 13.39 18.15 26.26 27.62 11.61 7.56 2.75
Толщина   10.14 10.18 10.46        
Ширина   13.56 17.86 20.76   9.59 9.96




19-23 th years BP


Mal'ta-Buret' archaeological culture

The author of the excavations

Gerasimov M.M.


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