Anthropomorphic rod

This is a large ellipsoid ivory rod. The rod tapers off closer to both tips. One of tips forms spike, and another one forms the handle of the item. The artefact has a small curve. There are rows of notches along the whole length of the item. There are three elements on the item (black paint), which are located in that way, that we can see the image of eyes (but we cannot see the special indentation for them). 

Manufacturing technique

The item is treated with a push-plane - by movement along the long axis of the item. A knife as a cutting tool made perpendicular notches along the edge. There are traces of reamer work, which forms rows of indentations. To the left and right of the "face" there are longitudinal wavy lines (hair) made with a cutting tool. The end of the item is narrowed with a cutting tool.

Use-wear traces

Use-wear traces are not found.

Storage location

The State Hermitage Museum

Inventory number



General length - 153.57+72.59 mm,

Thickness – 14.52 mm

Width - 18.83 mm

Ornamented part - 52.88 mm

Width of the "face part" - 13.99 mm.




19-23 th years BP


Mal'ta-Buret' archaeological culture

The author of the excavations

Gerasimov M.M.


Gerasimov M.M. Mal'ta. Paleoliticheskaya stoyanka (predvaritel'nye dannye): rezul'taty rabot 1928/29 g. – Irkutsk: Vlast' truda, 1931, C.14, tabl.9, j