Anthropomorphic stone figurine (Buret')

The figurine is small, elongated, flat, and thin. It is made on elongated blank (bluish-green stone serpentine(?). On the side there is a slight bend. A small oval head is well-expressed. Thin graving divides straight shoulders, belt line, thin arms, womb area, and elongated thin legs. Face area is flattened, eye sockets and facial contour are marked. Arms and legs contours are highlighted on the front and back, the buttocks are marked. A tip of left leg is slightly polished. On the right leg we can see some traces of crack. A diagonal scratch is noticed on the back of the head. The womb is separated from the belly by the belt and is highlighted with a triangle. The womb area has some traces of bright red ocher.

Manufacturing technique

There are some traces of a planning knife on the contour of the head. A cutting tool was used for shaping the face details (i.e. left eye), head contour, arms and legs, and womb area. Traces of a push plane work are noticed on the chest and back. The traces of a cutting tool are noticed on the back of the head. The diagonal movement of the tool is also noted on the legs in the buttocks area, the lines are opposite.

Use-wear traces

Traces of general polishing of the surface. 

Storage location

Irkutsk Regional Art Museum

Inventory number

КП 6734 С 379


Height - 43 mm

Width - 4 mm

Thickness - 1-2 mm


serpentine (?)


19-23 th years BC


Mal'ta-Buret' archaeological culture

The author of the excavations

Okladnikov A.P.


Okladnikov A.P. Paleoliticheskie zhenskie statuetki Bureti. // MIA SSSR №79, 1960. S. 285