Anthropomorphic figurine (without a head)

This is a broken elongated statuette without a head. We can see toes made carefully - heels and toes. The figurine seems to be on tiptoe. 

The figurine has elongated proportions. It is conditionally defined as a teenager. The surface is covered with parallel zigzag-like lines. The details - arms, legs, a womb zone - were made. According to the toes, we can see that the back is slightly raised and convex. It is ending with a small tail. The front side is elongated, the breast is flat, the arms are placed along the body. In the lower part of the legs, there are highlighted in relief details - toes. The general color of the item is dark, the relief is lighter. 

Manufacturing technique

The item is made on an elongated blank, a rod. Details are made with a cutting tool. The forming of the surface is made with polishing in high quality. The legs are divided with a deep channel made with a cutting tool. Zigzag ornament is smooth, made with a burin. In some places, it is made with a cutting tool. The surface in the break area is treated with a burin. Traces of it are covered with polishing. 

Use-wear traces

Light polishing. After the breaking of the head, the item has been used for a long time. 

Storage location

The State Historical museum of Russia

Inventory number



Height - 75.74 mm

Width - 13.73 mm

Thickness - 10.97 mm (hips area), 6.78 mm (legs area)




19-23 th. years BP


Mal'ta-Buret' archaeological culture

The author of the excavations

Gerasimov M.M.


Kamennyj vek YUzhnogo Priangar'ya. Bel'skij geoarheologicheskij rajon. – Irkutsk : Izd-vo IGU, 2001. – T. 2. – S. 46–84 (In Russian)